Fab Exclusive! Rachel Roy Dishes Inspiration and Favorite Pieces From Her Macy's Collection

Rachel Roy is officially our latest girl crush, thanks to an amazing Macy's Rachel Roy event we attended in San Francisco. Walking into Macy's contemporary department that night was like stepping into a cool lounge complete with a dope DJ — who played some of my favorite old-school jams — fabulously dressed people, delightful bubbly, and RR macaroons. And, of course, the breathtakingly beautiful Rachel Roy was present. We shopped 'til we dropped and managed to sneak in some one-on-one time with the charming designer. Did you know she's a Bay Area native? Born and raised in Monterey, baby. After talking about the Bay Area — more to come on that topic — we found out which pieces were her favorite from the collection and who inspired her.
Which pieces from the collection do you think are the most bang for your buck?

"That's a great question. Because I'm older, I tend to go for the classic looks — like the trench coat. You can take the belt off and wear it a million different ways. I like that you can also wear it like a trench dress."

A trench dress?

"Yes, like a painterly kind of trench coat. And I try to do pieces for young girls to wear, like to an interview, and also be able to wear to a party — a look that mixes both."


Day to night?

"Yes, depending on how I dress it up or down. And you know kids don't have a lot of money, so I want to give them that versatility. But I also want to keep them chic, modern, and respect them to not just throw junk out there. It's time consuming and there's a lot of work, but I'm really trying to my best to put together a collection that respects the consumer."

I love this red and black print.

"I love that. It reminded me of Yves Saint Laurent's hieroglyphics from back in the day. He got the inspiration from his home town [Algeria]. I could never do that in my designer line, and that's one of the big prints for me here. In my designer line, I have to find a print that's kind of 100 percent me."

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Photos courtesy of Drew Altizer

I too am loving her - and I respect that she is pricing her new line at rates that at least some average Americans can afford (they're still not moderately priced so that I can really afford them, but maybe as a splurge). She sounds like such a cool woman, and I love her clothing...
Dear RR, it is not just KIDS who don't have a ton of money to spend.
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