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Expensive Designer Shoes

Designer Shoes Are More Expensive Than Ever — Would You Still Buy a Pair?

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When it comes to making a big investment, designer shoes are on the top of our list. The quality and unique craftsmanship from designers such as Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, and Miu Miu are definitely apparent, but have you noticed that the cost of shoes are constantly on the rise? Today, WWD reported on the topic and shared some interesting insights from top retailers. "There was a day when Manolo was the most expensive shoe in the world — and that was probably $395 when we started," said chief executive officer of Manolo Blahnik, George Malkemus, who has worked with Blahnik since 1982. "Then all of a sudden, people say to me, 'Manolo is such a bargain,' and I say, 'What?! I would never think that our shoes are a bargain!'"

That said, the average price for a pair of shoes at Barneys today is about $770, which Barneys' Daniella Vitale, executive vice president of Barneys New York stated "is a bit concerning because the success of shoes and the business of shoes is based on people buying multiples. The concern is that if the average price point continues to go up, people will stop buying multiple pairs." Reasons for the uptick in prices can be attributed to increase in raw materials over the years, and more interesting enough, the idea of pushing the market to what it will bear. Are you willing to go with rising market prices for a pair of shoes from your favorite designer, or will the exorbitant prices force you to consider more affordable options? Check out the slideshow to see the latest designer footwear and the hefty prices, then tell us if you think these prices are really worth it.

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