Christina has really found her groove. Not that she ever lost it, but she has found her style groove. Not every girl finds her style groove, alas, we are here to help! Xtina is a prime example of a girl who embraced her inner pin up girl and ran with it. So she's a serious bottle blonde, she's not ashamed, but between her favorite Louboutins, sassy hats and form-fitting outfits she is a legend in the making. Oh, and her talent is pretty impressive too.

I first heard this song while driving in my Mini and it made me want to pull over and dance. I didn't. I just danced while driving — I'm one of those. Anywho, I love the retro tunes mixed with modern beats, and Christina's fierce voice of course. The video communicates the bottle blonde's retro flavor; to say the least, it's groovy.