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FABTV: The New House of Style

Where were you Saturday at 3 p.m.? I was in a limo on my way to my bridesmaid debut, so I missed the premiere of the new House of Style on MTV. You can catch up on MTV's website, but here's the first (and best) clip, I think. Other segments include going inside model Jessica Stam's closet, Chanel Iman (HOS correspondent) explaining geek chic (kinda awkward), a Fab dinner party with Erin Fetherston, and a cameo by Justin Timberlake and his William Rast line. They also took us through the top 10 trends of Spring. They really packed a lot in.
OK, nothing can ever be as good as the original with Cindy Crawford as host. Let's just get that out of the way. MTV is totally different today. The show partnered up with Teen Vogue, so it's very youthful and snap edited. I quite like the friendship bracelet DIY with Mary Kate Steinmiller and Charlotte Ronson. Host Bar Refaeli in the multiple bikinis is weird, but gorgeous nonetheless. Make your own deductions, but you have to admit it's fun and entertaining.
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partyfoul partyfoul 8 years
Bar Rafeli's voice reminds me of heidi klum in a bad way
MartiniLush MartiniLush 8 years
Did Bar have to AUDITION for this show??? I can't imagine her being chosen, if she had to - she was just down right AWFUL in the clips I saw!
kiwiana kiwiana 8 years
Snooozorama. That was some pretty boring shizzle. And it is hard to listen to someone struggle with getting words out of her mouth in a high, crackly pitch, no matter how pretty she is.
ffrench ffrench 8 years
bar was ugly and she was a horrible host but Jessica and Chanel was great
sidra5397 sidra5397 8 years
Bar was... not great. I don't know... This makes me sort of wonder about Leo... Maybe she was told to grin till it hurts, and project that sort of persona for the show's (probably) teeny bopper demographic. Oh, and that less than enlightening look into the fashion world ala Justin Timberlake makes it even less likely that I'll be tuning in.
BlackKitty BlackKitty 8 years
Bar Rafeli did a horrible job as host, she paused a lot and it was obvious that she was reading from cue cards... ugh..
nyc_gal nyc_gal 8 years
Listening to Bar talk is painful. Why isn't Stam the host? She would have been a much better choice.
nourhayaty nourhayaty 8 years
pommer07 lol!!!!ur right omg who would've thought of a pair of solid white tshirt with a black skirt totally original!!! looooool!!! i didn't c the original show but that show is okay but something is missing or maybe many many things are missing i don't know!but there r shows that r better than that but i will give it another chance before i decide.
seespotrun seespotrun 8 years
It was kind of painful watching Bar Rafaeli talk...
pommer07 pommer07 8 years
are you KIDDING? it was horrible! i'm only 20, so i didn't really watch the original, but this one wasn't good even by it self. bar rafaeli can't even say the lines. like, omg, pair a white tshirt with a black skirt! i never would have thought of that! and the "trends" aren't even worth mentioning.
Mopsy83 Mopsy83 8 years
Ok, maybe I'm just getting old, but this version of HOS seemed to be aimed at a way younger crowd than the original--I'm talking teeny boppers. Seemed more entertainment-oriented than fashion, but such is MTV nowadays. Bar Rafaeli was very annoying also. Nothing can compare to the original HOS. Loved Cindy Crawford as host!
emalove emalove 8 years
I can't compare to the original with Cindy that I so loved when I was teenager. But it was okay.
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
I watched it on Saturday. Nothing compared to the past seasons but it was okay...
eh123 eh123 8 years
It left something to be desired... the 'fashion editing' could've been way better- that trend list (?) !
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