Does anyone else want to be these hippie chic girls? She's not pictured here but the latest Chloe Spring/Summer ads also feature a brunette with equally shiny tousled hair donning the latest from Chloe. Representing here are the lovely Anja Rubik & Raquel Zimmerman. While I envision myself as the before mentioned brunette I guess one of these blond visions will suffice. The Chloe girls are the Versace girls come undone, or rather, on mushrooms.


What I love about this Fab Ad is the movement, the whimsy, the cool. One of the official new "It" bags, the Chloe Bay Bag, is in the spotlight. And the clothes? Ivory frilly blouses, milky studs and baubles, and fruit punchy hues. Groovy baby. What do you all think?

Wait - isn't Earth Day this weekend? Here's a Fab salute to the day of the green. One last note: that green eyeshadow? Lovely. Anyone want to take a stab at a how-to? I dare you!