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Fab Blab: Zac Posen Watched the Rachel Zoe Show, Too

As if hearing the man behind Chanel isn't thrilling enough, we chatted with sweetheart designer Zac Posen at the opening of Chanel's mobile art pavilion. He looked quite dapper — he was one of the few who actually bundled up — and joshed around with Karl, aw. Zac was very kind and spoke profoundly about his process. Take it away, Zac!

What brings you here tonight?

"Well, I love art installations. Public art installations are exciting. A lot of fashion. New York, which is exciting."

What star do you love seeing in your clothes? Do you have a favorite?

"Favorite, no I never pick favorites. Ever!"

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Styles that inspire you?

"More people on the street inspire me. It’s hard to be inspired by people’s styles in the moment. It’s usually better in reflection. That’s not saying there’s not many people who have great style. There are whole teams that build style and an image and a look. I love the Rachel Zoe show. I think it’s a great depiction, it really shows how hard the work is that goes behind building the looks more than the other fashion reality that exists. I thought Anne Hathaway looked really excellent in that dress of ours. It was quite exciting."

We went to your American Express sponsored show during Fashion Week that was the Friday after your regular runway show . . .

"That was a much better show. More interesting. It was about being direct to the consumer."

Can you talk about the last dress that you added into the show that you didn’t show on the original runway?

"You build pieces, you build sculptures and you create them. When you are doing a fashion show you are communicating to the press, to the retailers, and to the critics. It’s a lot of different parts to play within your growth and things to balance out so you know sometimes things aren’t there yet. They need more time so you have to let them grow and you let them to build on themselves still and perfect them as you build pieces. And then they find their homes or find inspirations for new pieces."


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