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Fab Body Guide: Plus-Size Shopping Websites

Like Liv Tyler's sister and plus-sized model, Mia Tyler (pictured), most girls aren't rail-thin. In fact, many have beautiful, womanly curves! True, models are super-skinny (except for this plus-sized model who walked the Jean Paul Gaultier catwalk for Paris Fashion Week) but they have people commanding them to stop eating, to eat less, to not eat. Nonetheless, in the words of SJP: "Fashion is not a luxury" and we all deserve to wear cute stuff! And so, I put together a list of favorite shopping sites that carry fabulous plus-sized fashions - enjoy!

  • - Sexy lingerie is sold in 38D and extra-large.
  • - Fun casual and dressy clothing, and lingerie, for sizes 14-28.
  • - Order made-to-fit trousers online.
  • - Most of their city-savvy merchandise comes in size 14.
  • - Pants in sizes 18 and 20 are sold exclusively online.
  • - A size 16 section on the site features dresses, trousers and swimwear.

  • - How exciting! This is the only site that currently sells O Oscar, Oscar de la Renta's secondary sportswear line, in sizes up to 16.
  • - Michael by Michael Kors items can be found in extra-large.
  • - Find all the latest trends like leggings in plus sizes.
  • - Lauren by Ralph Lauren carries select items up to size 22.
  • - Saks has a special web plus-sized section called Salon Z that carries sizes 14 to 24.
  • - You can find size 40DD bras, as well as other items in size 16.


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armyofrobots armyofrobots 9 years
O Yeah, aren't they doing a plus sized model search on the Torrid site right now?
armyofrobots armyofrobots 9 years
Oops, didn't read that other blurb. :? Well I guess my memory didn't fail me.
armyofrobots armyofrobots 9 years
Mia Tyler (the plus-size model) I think i've heard of her.... isn't she one of Steven Tyler's daughters?
naibabi naibabi 9 years
Thanks for all these lists, they are great
Clarishi Clarishi 9 years
Thanks for the list! Unfortunately, here in Argentina plus sizes do not exist... Many brands even have sizes 1-2-3 (being size 3 the equivalent to a M American size... I´ve been to the States and had the chance to compare). Come on, some shops even sell "unique size" t-shirts!!! Only one size for all the women out there!! I wish he had the States´ clothing system... then it would be much easier (and a hell lotta less depressing) to find something nice to wear :)
alicest alicest 9 years
Thanks for the list, hollinsprincess! Many fashion blogs tend to ignore plus sizes for the same reasons most mainstream designers and stores do -- they don't want to be associated with plus sizes or those that wear them. But thanks for sharing these companies that do!
dixierain68 dixierain68 9 years
Mia is so beautiful. Thanks so much for posting this. I will definitely check these sites out!
hollinsprincess hollinsprincess 9 years
I second what everyone else has said about this post being a great step forward by FabSugar --- but not really a post for plus sized women. A size 14 in DKNY or Ann Taylor (Loft or Original) is not equivalent to a size 14 in Lane Bryant or any major department stores "womens plus" section. Here are a few other sites that carry some cool, TRENDY (cause I am NOT wearing a moo moo), plus sized clothing that FabSugar apparently missed in their research (Many of these places carry those "in-between"/"average" sizes that others were talking about the 12-14!): B&Lu: Size Appeal: Alight: Kiyonna (great for a more sophisticated look!): Swakdesigns: Monif C.: Sydney's Closet (for formal wear): There is also Ashley Stewart --- which is geared towards African-American plus-sized women ( but you cannot purchase online from them, you have to find a store. In addition there will always be Old Navy (on-line only, boo!), J.C. Penney, Macy's, Nordstrom's, so on and so forth. As diesdre said, I think it would be wonderful if FabSugar featured more plus sized, curvier, bigger than a size 0 models in their looks of the day and such as well. Good going, diesdre!
sgdish sgdish 9 years
Thanks for the information. I've had great luck finding size 12-14 at Macy's (in the store).
diesdre diesdre 9 years
It was about time you posted something like this!! I agree with most comments about the normal size-plus size debate, the problem of not being able to buy things in-store, etc. etc. But by the way, I think you can do your part featuring more plus sized girls (or curvy girls, or bigger girls for that matter) on your "Look of the day" feature. Would you?
etab etab 9 years
Sorry-one more post... Another sign that it is so obvious that sizes have gotten out of hand- I work with and know several severely scrawny (sorry) women, and they find clothes that fit, and fit tightly. And these clothes were bought in the adult section! I am talking size 0 or maybe smaller, seriously. And they are wearing tight fitting cardigans! Should they be looking in the pre-teen area or a specialty store for "small" women- why do we normal peeps need special stores??
etab etab 9 years
"HHH where I am" as in where I live, not where I am at on the size scale, lol...
etab etab 9 years
Laurarose- I had a breast reduction and still have ginormous boobs and I always get great bras at Nordstrom. They carry through HHH where I am. I agree with the rest of you that are frustrated at size 14 being plus-size!?! If size 14 is plus, what the hell am I at size 20, a walrus? LOL. Agent Provocateur's XL probably won't fit anyone over a size 10, honestly. And DKNY? Their size 14 is a size 10. I will stick to Lane Bryant, which has really come a long way in the last few years, and are reasonably priced.
Sheepeoh Sheepeoh 9 years
I totally agree with misscelie's comment.... size 12-14 seems to get stuck in this world between "normal sizes" and "plus sizes".. and thus, no where to be found..... and yet they are the average!!!
laurarose520 laurarose520 9 years
Man. I still can't find things in my bra size. I know of one store, so I'm going to always live in central Jersey for my bras.
Mally333 Mally333 9 years
I doubt it's just three or so people who want to see a change in plus size clothing options. The other companies I can think of that offer plus size fashions offer classic pieces, and even then, maybe up to size 26. And we know women can go way above that size. carries plus size and beyond a size 26, and that's one of the few brands I can think of that does online. I believe too, in the "skinny trend", mommie. My mother recently fished out a shirt she purchased in the 90's. It was a size bigger than a size 12 she bought in the same store last month.
klh23 klh23 9 years
That was supposed to be "white" button downs, not "wide." Oops.
klh23 klh23 9 years
I second all the comments on the "online only" problem. Online shopping is great and convenient, but it's good to be able to try things on and just to be represented in stores. Also, for simple classics as opposed to trendier, more current looks (a good cardigan, well-made wide button downs for work), try Lands End Plus.,,215,00.html
mommie mommie 9 years
Yes, Choco-Cat - the sizing standard has changed due to the "skinny" trend that has happened. Marilyn Monroe was a size 12 and todays size 12 would no way fit her.
mommie mommie 9 years
allthingsgrow allthingsgrow 9 years
White House Black Market also sells up to a size 14 in stores, 16 online.
misscelie misscelie 9 years
To the staff-- THANKS for adding Lane Bryant and for being so open to the idea of plus sizes and posting the original list of websites-- that's more than many forums even attempt. I'm new to popsugar, and so far everyone is fabulous, positive and great! Have a great day!
misscelie misscelie 9 years
YEP! I'm just so excited that others realize the validity of my post and agree! THANKS Choco-Cat and DayDreamerz-- even if it's only us (three) we can spread the word and open one person eyes at a time to the "real" average women in America. Be it right or wrong, healthy or unhealthy--- it is what it is and although some bigger girls will decide to lose weight there are those of us big girls that are just big girls--- and even if we wanted to lose weight, what will we wear during the process of losing weight? :) (i know i'm taking this post to another level altogther) Thanks for the support, Sisters! Like Choco-Cat put it, "dont perpetuate the lie!"
Fashion Fashion 9 years
Hi ladies - so sorry we forgot Lane Bryant...don't know how they escaped our list. We have added it! Thanks for the input. We agree there aren't enough options for average sized women, hopefully we can band together to encourage more! xo
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