If you consider the vast number of veteran models out there, Karlie Kloss is a baby in comparison. The 15-year-old Illinois-born, Missouri-raised American model started her career with her first Teen Vogue editorial in August 2007. The magazine loved her so much, they brought her back as a cover girl in February 2008 alongside Chanel Iman and Ali Michael.

Prior to modeling, Karlie studied ballet at Caston's Ballet Academy in St. Louis, Missouri, where she still resides. Unlike a delicate ballerina, however, Karlie's catwalk strut and expression is harsh, zombie-like. If you can picture it, she subtly tucks her chin down and glares at the photographers from under her arched eyebrows. Hot! She's blessed with milky skin and slinky limbs, but what's most charming about Karlie is the trail of tiny brown moles that trickle down her right cheek.

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