Fab's Fashion Night Out!

While Pop was chatting it up with Gwen Stefani, I was doing what Fashion's Night Out was supposed to do — shopping! And gallivanting and celeb-spotting. You ready for my FNO adventure? My fellow fashion junkie friend and I started at Bergdorf Goodman where many fashion festivities were going on. Along the way I saw Rachel Bilson and Hayden waiting for their car in front of their hotel — I said hi to her but don't think she remembered me from when I interviewed her at Brian Reyes's show last Fashion Week. Moving on, as expected, there was a line to get into the department store, and it was a madhouse inside. I spotted jewelry designer Philip Crangi on the way in; it's hard to miss him, he looks like a pirate. We went straight to the shoe department where we fawned over Balmain boots, Giuseppe Zanotti lovers, awesome Alaia's, and Chanel flats. We quickly decided to leave the Bergdorf madness, but stopped at the M.C.L jewelry counter and said hi to model cutie Karlie Kloss on the way out.

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We dashed down to Soho — my main goal of the night was the Intermix party where Sienna and Savannah Miller were hosting. The streets were alive with fashion! I had to pop into J.Crew (conveniently located across the street from Intermix) where I bought a super-cute long gold jeweled mushroom pendant.

Intermix was the place to be, with an ultra-fashion-y crowd and cool '80s tunes. Someone asked us if it was true Rihanna was supposed to come and before I knew it flashes were frenzied and there she was. We were actually in line for the bathroom when this happened and her and her posse came right towards us hence my super-close picture of her. She was incognito chic in a black wraparound-hooded dress and insane Grace Jones-esque shades and crimson lips. She posed for pics with a subtle smile on her face, the crowd was mesmerized. What a cool surprise! But where's Sienna?

There she is, sis in tow. But Sienna's hosting wasn't nearly as impressive as Rihanna's — the Millers sisters were outtie, they didn't even stay for champagne. Wha? We had a dinner date at Indochine at 11p.m., but along the way my friend bought a pair of fly boots from Steven Steve Madden and I scored a glam rockin' purple sequin blazer from Topshop. They aren't online, so I can't show you, but they're dope and we did our economy-stimulating part of the evening. Done and done.


Cruising into Indochine was unreal. Iman was in the first booth, post-bartending at Barneys Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were in the next, and models Lily Donaldson and Daria (Daria!) Werbowy were smoking cigarettes another booth away. Can you say awesome? We met up with fellow bloggers Faran from Nylon and Britt from Fashionista and gobbled up wonderful exotic fare. At one point I was in the bathroom with Iman and totally froze — her beauty is unreal. I headed home and had sweet dreams of fashion — goodnight Fashion's Night Out!

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