On Friday, I asked you guys to come Fab Finding with me for a cute and easy Halloween costume. (To learn what a Fab Find is and how to make one, click here.) In my mind, there are two ways to do Halloween without much hassle. One option is to buy a ready-made one-piece costume, like this Man Eating Shark disguise that Jennifer76 found, available for $66.95 here.

Another route is to pick a clever hook and put together a simple costume that hinges on a joke. Most of you tended toward the latter, and my favorite costumes hands-down were the tongue-in-cheek tributes to various celebrities. Here are some of my favorite costumes that TeamSugar's Fab Finders put together. Hope this gives everyone some inspiration!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes costumes, found by AudreyStar, who renders Hollywood's weirdest couple as an Alien and a Stepford Wife.

To see the rest,

Nicole Ritchie Costume, found by Crispet1, who indicates that the giant handbag is meant to be hung on the wrist and the long scarf to be tied around the head.

Britney Spears in Five Years Costume, found by WhiplashGirlchild, whose hilarious ensemble includes a litter of babies and a bottle of Jack Daniels.