I just recently moved apartments and discovered quite the fashion dilemma: It's really hard to move furniture and look cute at the same time! I brought the challenge to the table for you girls, because I knew you could handle it, and asked you to help me find an outfit that is functional for moving, but also looks Fab!

I started you off with these Converse All-Star yellow lo-tops ($40), because they're comfy and such a happy color.

Let's see what you all came up with!

Look # 1, created by mletrav is super cute; it's perfect for directing the movers (wink!).

To see the rest,

Look # 2, created by aimeeb, is a fun, laid-back ensemble. Everything is pared-down, casual, but still chic.

Look # 3, created by gabitaitalia, is a Spring-worthy option. I love the denim cutoffs paired with the Converse: a classic, comfy look.