I already stayed in and cooked with my Lovah and now I'm ready to dine out! I told you a best friend and I are hitting up one of San Francisco's newest, poshest restaurants. It has cool art pieces, expensive decor, and the elite of the city as patrons. This isn't just any old joint, so I needed help putting together an outfit that will make me stand out but not stick out. Let's see how wild your imaginations ran.

I started you off with this Forever 21 Coral Silk Scarf ($9) because it's versatile. I can wear it around my neck, bag, or hair.

Look # 1, created by Ashley2007, is fancy schmancy indeed. The nude silk dress is certainly chic.

To see the rest,


Look # 2, created by everidle, gives me a comfortable and fun option. The wide-leg pants are fresh.

Look #3, created by EllaB, is sophisticated but not stuffy. Check out the intense piping on the dress!