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Fab Flash: New York Police Crack Down on Counterfeiters

Yesterday morning, New York City police officers seized more than $1 million in knockoff accessories and fragrances bearing labels like Prada, Fendi, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Calvin Klein, and Coach.

Three buildings were raided on a block in Chinatown formed by Canal, Walker, and Centre Streets, which housed 32 storefronts illegally selling fake goods. According to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, this is one of the largest raids on trademark copiers in the city's history, following a seizure of $45 million in counterfeit merchandise back in 2005. Crazy!


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gennis22 gennis22 9 years
whatever, you all must realize the only reason why there are fakes of these brands is because each of these brands use sweatshops to make their products. Good for the people selling these fake items. I am proud to say I own a few fake northface items and spent the money on them instead of giving the money to the corporation who sell it items for ridiculous prices and pays its factory workers 3 dollars a week.
liladdieshudiva liladdieshudiva 9 years
Ill! I know folks who have conterfeit bags. I purchased two authentic bags. I saved for my bags. I'm not rich, but I felt like I was when I got my bag.
bluebird bluebird 9 years
thank you, gruaig_rua and Kiki tee! i'll admit full well that i don't have four hundred dollars to spend on a bag. i certainly have four hundred dollars to spend on a car payment, rent, or investment for my future, but i'm not going to waste my money on a bag for the logos.
juicylove juicylove 9 years
the ones from that area are generally bad quality anyway, theyll charge you 100$ for a bag that is only worth maybe 5$, when you could easily spend that $100 on a good quality bag, just without the logo. its also funny how girls will claim their chanel or lv bag is real, when you can clearly tell by the ripped seams, fake leather, and glued on/misshaped logos that its a fake. it kind of sucks that most people cant tell though, and those of us with real designer things get accused of having knockoffs.
SweetFirefly SweetFirefly 9 years
Good. I wish they would start ticketing or arresting people that PURCHASE fake bags too. It's commonly known that these bags are made in sweatshops often using child labor. I don't understand why people would buy the fakes. To look like you have money? Well, people can tell by the quality of your clothes and shoes you're wearing, the haircut/hair color that you have whether you have money or not. It never just comes down to a handbag. There's nothing sadder than a person dressed in low end clothes toting around a huge Chanel bag. Yeah, right.
Kkkkkkkkkkk Kkkkkkkkkkk 9 years
... or Gap, or Topshop, or practically any low to mid-range retailer, and a few high-end, I'm sure. All the people making "fake people buy fake bags" comments need to get off their high horses, seriously! When Fab first posted about the US government trying to bring in legislation to prevent high street retailers copying designers, the overwhelming majority of the comments were against such a move, saying things like, oh but how are those us on regular incomes supposed to look fashionable if we can't afford the real thing. A knock off is a knock off, whether it's a fake Chanel bag or a Forever 21 REPLICA of a Gucci dress. You can't pick and choose when it's ok and when it's not...
gruaig_rua gruaig_rua 9 years
Well I've had a few fakes in the past and I have absolutely no problem with admitting to people that they are fake. They are extremely good copies and I love the fact that they cost me next to nothing! Oh and for those that say it promotes sweatshops I hope you don't shop at Walmart, Nike or Disney........
snarkypants snarkypants 9 years
i agree. fake people buy fake bags. does anybody actually like those fake coach bags that have misshaped c's? no, they're hideous, and the only people who buy them are idiots. they are trying to look like they have money when it's even more obvious they don't. it's fine if you don't have the money, but go to target or somewhere and get a bag that isn't a knockoff. there are a ton of cute, cheap bags! i also agree with atrambo. i'm over logos. they're tacky and show-offy. sorry about the rant, i live in the midwest and i see a ton of fakes everyday. huge pet peeve of mine.
Kkkkkkkkkkk Kkkkkkkkkkk 9 years
Oh and incidentally, DreaAST, you're probably right to assume that people think your bag is fake. I can't help but think that about every designer bag I see... particularly LV and Chanel.
Kkkkkkkkkkk Kkkkkkkkkkk 9 years
I accidentally bought a fake Chloe Silverado a few years back... it was so hot off the presses that I hadn't even seen the Chloe one. I came across this one and it had no Chloe branding, inside or out, so I just thought it was a beautiful, soft, slouchy bag in gorgeous leather, and I loved it! A week later I'm flicking through Elle and I see Kirsten Dunst clutching my bag and Elle pronouncing it the it next season's it bag!! It was very depressing... I continued to use it because I loved it so much, but anytime anyone complimented me on it I just felt like a huge fraud because I knew what they were actually saying was "Oh, I love your CHOLE bag" and I knew that wasn't what it was!
sulisaquae sulisaquae 9 years
It's illegal to sell counterfeits... Is it death to capitalism?
syako syako 9 years
well, mcollazo, you can rest assure that there has never EVER been a fake in my closet and never will be. People need to be more aware of how companies treat their workers and how products are made.
jc jc 9 years
Good! I hate knock offs!
mcollazo mcollazo 9 years
What kills me is that most of the comments are saying that it is bad but I gurantee most if not half of you folks have purchased a fake bag. I have seen this place during the holidays, it is crazy crowded with people wanting to buy their "counterfeit" items.
atrambo atrambo 9 years
FINALLY!!!! I hate these bags, could you be anymore un-original?? You can't possibly be truly into fashion if you crave these... I'll take a genuine bag by Nine West over those cheesy things anyday. Come to think of it, I'm sooo over the real ones too... if I'm gonna splurge a little, it's going to be on an Elliot Lucca... HOLD THE LOGOS!
cnyc1a cnyc1a 9 years
Good I can't stand it when people wear fake bags. It's an insult. There's nothing fashionable in wearing Fakes.
sugajen sugajen 9 years
Also, Nike, a large name brand company, has been caught for using sweat shop production as well. If you think it's only the cheap companies that do it you're wrong. Every company is just in it for the money.
sugajen sugajen 9 years
I don't know about everyone else on this site but i personally don't have a 1,000 + dollars to blow on a purse. I think that the fakes that are made with quality materials are nice. Just as long as the vendor isn't lying to pass them off as real. Usually the big difference between designer and target is quality. Designer pieces last longer but i think there's nothing wrong with having style on a budget. If you mix some real and fake designer clothes who's to say whats real or not?
velvet-summer velvet-summer 9 years
lol Know not no
velvet-summer velvet-summer 9 years
If you can't afford the real thing, go for the nice quality Italian can people fool themselves into thinking they are rocking the real thing, when they themselves no it a fake? Quality over quantity, these high end brands last a long time and if you buy the classic signature piece it never goes out of style.
angelinemarie angelinemarie 9 years
good, i hate knock offs. every single girl in my school has a fake Chanel and it drives me crazy!!
wrngco wrngco 9 years
I love fakes..totaly do ..bags that are "IN" one day and out the next..deserve to be knocked off
isis113 isis113 9 years
i agree with you realbluemoss! there are horrible things going on while producing counterfeit goods. and it's not just about the conditions in sweatshops. just think, everytime you buy a fake purse, a 9-year old girl in china gets sold to a sweatshop, chained to the workstation, and fed only once a day.
carhornsinapril carhornsinapril 9 years
oh snap! take that!
RoyalBlueMoss RoyalBlueMoss 9 years
fake people buy fake items.
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