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Fab Flash: Are Snowjoggers the New UGGs?

Hailing from Denmark, Snowjoggers are quickly giving the UGG a run for its money — I had this candidate on my radar last February!

The moonboot-cum-athletic shoe has been spotted toasting the toes of Lindsay Lohan, Victoria Beckham, Liv Tyler, and Sienna Miller — quite the warm Hollywood welcome. They come in a rainbow of colors, from pink to white to multi-colored, and retail for $80-$100. Plus, their profits are given back to the Bangladeshi women who make them. But the real question is: Would you be caught wearing them?

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mindymoo mindymoo 8 years
these are horrid.
chancleta chancleta 9 years
i'm in love
snowbunny11 snowbunny11 9 years
umm I never bought into the whole Ugg thing, and I look at these, and just say "no, no, no!!" Sooo ugly. Then I think about how warm they would keep my feet walking through 3 ft. of snow, and I think I'm totally in love! How come 5 months after I move from snowy buffalo to socal, boots like these are trendy?! Why not, oh say throughout high school and college when I tried to make crappy, cold leather boots work!? I ruined like 3 pairs of $120 leather boots every winter!!! That's IT I'm moving back to buffalo and buying these damn it!!!
PinkUnicorn PinkUnicorn 9 years
Much like my Uggs, these ugly boots would get one appearance only: when I'm walking my dog on cold days.
KellyKopowski KellyKopowski 9 years
Umm, I think they are the raddest shoes I have seen this winter. They were EVERYWHERE at Sundance last year and now they have the boots in shiny PATENTS!!! And Helllllooo? Lindsay loves them!!!!
melisbru melisbru 9 years
Hey! I just bought a pair of snowjoggers in gray and I tried them on last night over a pair of jeans. They look very cute (believe it or not) but they're not for everyone. I admit, at first glance, they're not the greatest to look at, but trust me, try them on, you might actually fall in love with them! I've been in search for a boot other than your typical Uggs and living in Boston where every girl and their mother are wearing Uggs, it's refreashing to wear a different style boot that keep your feet warm and keep you from falling on your ass in the snow.
amers230 amers230 9 years
i really like these! i'm not sure i'd pay 100 bucks for them, but i think they're cute! i am from michigan though, so they'd actually come in handy lol. and i don't get why so many peoplehate uggs? i think the basic style is cute! i live in the target version of them in the winter. i'm not sure about them in crazy colors, but i really like the tan/black ones!! i agree with jiujiu though, people who pair them with skirts are idiots lol. that's not what they're made for, and totally defeats the purpose of having warm feet hahaha.
Lyd0725 Lyd0725 9 years
they are uglier than Uggs I actually regret buying my uggs. Thank god i got only one pair
jiujiu jiujiu 9 years
i think i love them too. clearly you must have the look to go with these. unfortunately, people will cling to them as they become more trendy and will wear them in gross ways. for instance, a skirt with uggs will NEVER EVER EVER be attractive... i live in chicago and nothing looks more ridiculous than when it's freezing cold out and people are wearing uggs and have jean skirts to accompany them... ew, just jean skirts in general.... now i'm upset.
Erin214 Erin214 9 years
I think I love them.
ummm, no
musewings musewings 9 years
I would totally wear the rainbow brite version, just because they're quirky.
londongirl13 londongirl13 9 years
Two words - Napolean Dynamite. Such a shame as I always love items that give back.
justcuzz justcuzz 9 years
I have a pair like these in bright neon green (in case they should ever have to find me in a snow drift) and I just love them. They are not "UGG-LY"! Nothing is more "BOOT-IFUL" in winter than warm,dry feet.
SarahwithanH SarahwithanH 9 years
Yuck! I would take Uggs over those any day!
lollipopgirl lollipopgirl 9 years
oh, what?? Who would choose those over UGGS? I don't find them appealing at all, unfortunately
jazspin jazspin 9 years
Um, wow, something worse the Uggs in my opinion. Seriously, is it that difficult to find cute, warm boots? You don't necessarily have to sacrifice practicality for fashion, but c'mon, girls, we can do better than this.
GibsonGIrl GibsonGIrl 9 years
no thank you.
o_canada o_canada 9 years
Would be good for my winter dog walking
hkmarks hkmarks 9 years
Snow... joggers?? They may not look the cutest... but we just got about 10" of snow in the past 48 hours. I literally was jogging through it on the way to the bus today because walking in snow that deep is very slow, and jogging sometimes makes for better balance. In barely-fitting leather boots with no ankle support? Not fun. Anyway, that's what a shoe bag is for.
lovelymiss6 lovelymiss6 9 years
They might be good for snow, but that doesn't make them look any prettier,but the giving back is a plus.
Connieee Connieee 9 years
am i the only one here who thinks they're cute? LOL but i wouldn't buy them coz we DON'T have winter here!
veronicaraye veronicaraye 9 years
only if your napoleon dynamite
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