Former Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent designer Tom Ford couldn't find a retail space for his very first boutique on Bond Street in London so, lucky for us Americans, an empty Madison Avenue boutique called his name one day as he was passing by. A phone call and some hardcore planning later, Tom's three-story, 8,680-square-foot New York store has opened its doors today at 845 Madison Avenue.

According to reports, butlers and maids have been staffed to fluff cushions and wipe dust in this uber luxurious fashion house with pale gray and sable brown hues, suede walls, leather furniture and various art pieces.

Starting at $3,000, Cary Grant-like men can purchase ready-to-wear suits or they can opt for custom-made tailoring. Women can stock up on leather goods like luggage and crocodile weekenders, fragrances, eyewear, and a full line of jewelry.

In case any of you fashion forward provocateurs want to stop by, the store is open by appointment 7am-11am and 5pm-7pm and to the public from 11am-5pm.

If you do stop by, please pick me up a crocodile weekender and I promise I'll pay you back!