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Fab's Going To Fashion Week! My Style Survival Kit

Fab's Going To Fashion Week! My Style Survival Kit

The countdown to New York Fashion week has officially begun! So obviously I'm super excited. What's more, Fab will be a guest blogger on! For real. This is big time ladies - and you'll have to check me out over there! While some of you are helping to conjure up some fabulous looks for me, I thought I could enlist your help in more pre-fashion week preparedness.

I have been gathering some survival items the past couple weeks and I just made a trip to the drugstore to stock up on some more. I thought it would be fun to share but also, let me know if I'm forgetting anything! As for my fashion week wardrobe and packing - stay tuned!

Here's what you see:

  • Adora dark chocolate calcium supplements; healthy and chocolatey snacks!
  • Good 'ol Emergen C (orange flavor).
  • FabSugar Look Book cards to help spread the word and promote Fabarrazi!
  • Band-Aids. Though I'm bringing mostly comfy (cute) shoes, it will be hot & humid and I'll be on the go = prime blister situation.
  • My new leopard print MZ Wallace tote! I wanted something big enough to carry my life around in, but something that would stand out in the sea of fashionistas.
  • My Miu Miu specs. Here's a Fab secret: I'm near-sighted.
  • Band-Aid Blister Block. Can you tell I've suffered from blisters before? They're the worst!
  • Cliff bars, Stride gum, Airborne, YSL lip gloss - all necessary to keep Fab going, and going, and going.
  • My Bottega Veneta business card case/ my signature color! And a hefty box of FabSugar business cards.
  • Last but not least, facial blotters. Again, signature color (no, I did not plan that).
beingtazim beingtazim 10 years
Fab- what are look book cards?
mizlynz mizlynz 10 years
I'm curious about the LookBook cards!
torngyrl torngyrl 10 years
What a prize!
anntorr anntorr 10 years
Altoids & Advil! Have fun at Fashion Week
maisiegirl maisiegirl 10 years
Aspirin, moleskin (for blister prevention), spot-remover pen, H20, lotion, and I would definitely bring a Trish McEvoy planner insert page (very thin) that can fit in a gloss, powder, blush, and/or a shadow for touch-ups during a long and humid day. The McEvoy inserts are airline approved and are so thin and portable, they are a great fashionista must-have. You might even consider some baby powder to fresh-up with (always nice in humid climate). Can't wait to read your blog for Elle!
jeunesse jeunesse 10 years
How about a bottle of H2O!
kerneschick2005 kerneschick2005 10 years
safety pins, clear nail polish...just a few things I thought of off he top of my know, in case of emergency. lol.
onesong onesong 10 years
hooray congratulations Fab! I will totally be checking you out on I agree with the moleskin preventative measure, and if you plan on wearing hose definitely pack a bottle of clear nail polish. I ALWAYS forget that! Good luck!
iris120382 iris120382 10 years
hair ties, aspirin, water.
poplala poplala 10 years
Nice. I hope you have great time and a lot of things to show us!!!
sailing-chick sailing-chick 10 years
There are 2 things no one mentioned - roll on deoderant & talcum powder (you can put it in your shoes, hair, smelly areas)
sailing-chick sailing-chick 10 years
Oh everyone has already mentioned everything that I was going to say :( Have fun and congratulations PS the bad is HOT!!
Lidiah Lidiah 10 years
congratulations and have fun!! love the bag!!
Fashion Fashion 10 years
Oooh thanks girls! All good stuff, luckily I still have time to do more shopping (always). xo
mommie mommie 10 years
Don't forget your Sennheiser's for blocking out the aircraft engine noice for audio and the movie.
gruaig_rua gruaig_rua 10 years
Bottled water was my only suggestion. You gotta keep hydrated!
MichelleA MichelleA 10 years
your going to have so much fun! congrats!
haute77 haute77 10 years
Read this before so you they won't dump your things at the security checkpoint:
haute77 haute77 10 years
1) Take a nice, soft pashmina or wrap for the flight. It gets chilly sometimes and you can't always trust the airplane blankies. 2) Ear plugs or noise reduction headphones. People are loud. 3) Vitamin E Mist from Body Shop. It keeps skin moist and refreshed. 4) Breathmints. Congrats on your awesome opportunity at Elle and NYC Fashion week! :)
sofi sofi 10 years
Yay for fab! The stain remover pen, wet ones, and bottled water ideas are great. Some hand sanitizer and maybe a travel size toothbrush/paste/floss if you are out for a long day. How about a camera ( or camera phone) to share pics with all us jealous folk.
jillsugar jillsugar 10 years
Moleskin works much better for blisters than band-aids. It is like felt on one side and sticky on the other, works wonders, and you can get it at any drugstore. It is also good as a preventive measure for ouchy shoes and can be cut to any shape or size.
Lovecat Lovecat 10 years
Maybe some Hollywood Fashion Tape...just in case!
mommie mommie 10 years
here's a great tip I found that really helps with blisters. rub your sensitive areas with lotion before you put on your shoes. Have to reapply if you take off the shoes but carry that suggested hand lotion with you and your good to go. I usually put it on the top of my toe area and the back of my heels. Not the bottom of the feet because that makes it too slippery. I have pretty much done away with blisters with this method.
arrhythmia arrhythmia 10 years
you're so adorable fab! your tote full of fabulous little hinky dinks reminds me what i need on my vegas trip... :D i'll be rallying support for you on! congratulations!
partysugar partysugar 10 years
Fab you will be GREAT at fashion week. I cant wait to see your coverage. I'm still trying to put together my fall look I can't believe it's already spring show time!
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