What inspires fashion designers is always of interest to me. Whether it's a muse, a trip, or simply the throbbing life around them, I always enjoy hearing about where designers get their ideas from.

New York designer Cynthia Rowley has decided to share her inspirations, memories and adventures through a charming and witty new book called Slim: A Fantasy Memoir by Cynthia Rowley, $23. She says, "It's a collection of drawings and stories loosely based on my life before my career in fashion" and if you've every donned a colorful Rowley frock, it can transport you to a land of fun and whimsy. From 'luxury camping' under a chandelier formed of flashlights to a runway show in Candyland, Rowley's anecdotes drift seamlessly between daydreams and reality. This is a great book for any fashion daydream believers!