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Not that any of us Fabionistas need another amazing online shop to splurge at, but I'm just doing my job! is the baby of Amy Reed, whose mission is to bring us a unique and pleasurable shopping experience. Her list of designers include Alice + Olivia, Mara Hoffman, Diane Von Furstenberg, Thread Social, and the list goes on. Be sure to also check out her blog, which gives background information for curious shoppers.

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annieliu annieliu 5 years
So I called chicidowntown's service, and told them that money was already taken, not pending, reserved or what so ever. I also attached my paypal payment which shows "completed" and the bank history. They refused to refund me and ask me to talk to my bank. So be very very careful with this chicidowntown. It is 530USD, not big money but this is bold robbery!!
annieliu annieliu 5 years
This is my bad experience happened right this week. I placed an order on chickdowntown, it went through. Money was taken from my bank account. I waited four days for shipping notice, and now they told me that due to inventory reason, my order was canceled. I really hope they will refund me and this makes me really really sad as I love the piece I ordered. So be careful on this site.
Isla-T Isla-T 8 years
After reading all these bad comments I'm concerned because I just made an order from this website =S Help =(
sbassman sbassman 8 years
I've had nothing but horrible experiences with chickdowntown, and i'm glad it's spreading across the internet. The WORST clothing website I have ever encountered.
shuh shuh 8 years
WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!! I placed an order and they charged me at 24/Nov/2008. I HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY ORDER UNTIL NOW---2/3/2009. I want to cancel the order but they do not reply my email and they never pick up the phone!!!! Horrible horrible horrible customer service.
sydneywu sydneywu 8 years
I can't believe that I just read you guys' comments today. I agree with you. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!! They have been ignoring my emails. No one ever picked up the phone all I got was the answering machine. I placed an order but a day later a customer representative sent me an email saying that one of my items is out of stock. She asked me if I wanted to get a different size. I order a pair of boots in size 9. Can you believe that this customer service asked me if I wanted size 8 instead? I mean what kind of normal person would ask that question. If I wanted a size 8, I would have ordered a size 8. So I chose to cancel the order and get the refund. But 2 days later, I got FedEx shipment notice saying that the order has been shipped to me. At that time, I already bought the boots from another store. So I asked the customer representative to stop the shipment as I no longer wanted it. She managed to cancel the shipment but it has been 18 days now and they still have not refunded me. Now I have to file a dispute and provide my credit card company all the emails as proof. Trust me, it is painful! I ask all of you out there DO NOT buy from this webiste. NEVER fall for those coupon codes as they will bite you in the butt at the end. They charge you the minute you place the order but as for refunds...well I know it has been more than 2 weeks and I haven't seen any.
wish2008 wish2008 8 years
Horrible horrible horrible customer service! My worst online shopping experience ever!!! They sent me a defective item, ignored most of my emails, and kept delaying issuing me the refund. I will have to dispute the charge through my credit card company. I will never never never shop on even if they offer 90% off! I won't believe any positive comments on this website which can only be written by their own staff.
krae48 krae48 8 years
I've had only positive experiences at Every new company has its ups and downs, but Chick is now established and totally committed to bringing high-end fashion, great customer service, and amazing prices to every customer. I'm from Pittsburgh, and it's been really awesome to see a local boutique featured in magazines like Lucky, US weekly, and more. Plus, is launching soon! Chick is one of the first retailers to feature video modeling on their site, after research proved that shoppers wished they could see videos of items being modeled before they made their online purchase. So chickdowntown really does listen to their customers!
Kyra1234 Kyra1234 8 years
I order from chickdowntown on nearly a daily basis and have never had a customer service problem. shipping has been fast, and my returns have always come back quickly. I have been very satisfied with their site. I love it!
michelle123 michelle123 8 years
This store is a suprise to me! I thought they only had a STORE, didn't know they had an online store till i saw their commercial on E! This place must be on the up and up! Congrats! I like to surf and make wish lists with them(i can't afford much there lol)
RedWing RedWing 8 years
The clothing selection is good ... maybe even very good. Their on line ads are very deceptive, advertising x% off EVERYTHING (and in the small print excluding virtually everything). The customer service is horrendous. They literally don't answer their telephone. The phone rings and rings and rings! Not even a voicemail pickup. Emails responses are rude ... and unresponsive. Getting a refund takes an act of God (and the intervention of Amex). This is a place to avoid. Shopbop, Revolve, Neiman, Saks. Bloomingdales carry most of the brands and are a pleasure to do business with.
debraj76 debraj76 8 years
My attempts to resolve a billing error for hundreds of dollars has been ignored. Very poor customer service. I am forced to open a billing dispute with my credit card company. I paid the questionable charge in full on the advice of my credit card company and was trying to save this merchant from having a "chargeback". However, subsequent attempts to resolve overcharge have gone unanswered (I never received the merchandise they billed for). I am personally writing to Amy Reed, the owner, to let her know of these service issues. I'm going to give her the "benefit of the doubt", and hope that she will address the malfunctions within her customer service department. The site is beautiful, and the selection is immense. However, I will revert back to until I'm confident Amy has worked out all her issues. I wish her well, but won't be back anytime soon.
fera fera 8 years
NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. I have made an order with that web site and one item was not included in the package when it arrived, I have contacted them 2 times via email and 2 times via the web site but it's been 5 days and they never answered however for each time I contacted them via the web site I received auto reply where they promised to answer my inquiry within 24 hours but it never happened.
dawnindenver dawnindenver 8 years
Hello. I am posting this comment due to the AWFUL customer experience that I had with In the month of July, I got married in Hawaii. I wanted to look nice on the islands that we were visiting so I ordered many new clothes and new shoes. Unfortunately, one of the pairs of new shoes came from Now, I grew up in Pittsburgh and was excited to see this store and associated websites going national. I'd seen the ads on the E Channel and was happy that a local store was making it big. BUT this is where the record skips. When my Amrita Singh sandals arrived, I didn't open them right away. I intended to save them for my honeymoon. At the last minute, I decided to wear them before leaving Colorado. On the very first wearing, the sandals fell apart. In fact, I was in PetsMart when the shoes snapped apart. That was on a Sunday. On Monday, I called and emailed for an exchange but never bothered to return my call. I only wanted another pair to wear on my honeymoon. Now that I am back, they refuse to take responsibility for the defective merchandise that they sold to me. When I call them anonymously, they screen my calls, refuse to put a manager on the phone and insult me by blaming the situation on me! I strongly urge you to avoid this retailer. They are not legitimate in my opinion and do not understand the meaning of customer service. BEWARE.
stephsharer stephsharer 9 years
i found it! haha
stephsharer stephsharer 9 years
where is that dress on the left? i click on that link, and its not on any of the pages? help! it's so cute!
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 9 years
Beautiful clothing! This is going to be a new favortie of mine (for browsing since I don't have the cash to afford it yet!lol.)
rlveronica rlveronica 9 years
itsamanda9 itsamanda9 9 years
wow! i am absolutely shocked this made it onto fabsugar, i'm from pittsburgh!!! it is still a fairly new (less than 1 yr) boutique, and i'm still in school at Pitt, so i haven't had a chance to stop in yet (i.e. - i'm broke! haha). but i've heard nothing but good reviews from friends.
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
I like!
emalove emalove 9 years
This looks fabulous!
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