A big thanks to audreystar who introduced us to this Fab Site! Now we can all shop online for clothing that fits us well and complements our individual body types. This little company with a big idea founded to help women of all ages and sizes do just that. You can browse their general online store, which features little body-shape icons next to each item indicating what body type can wear that particular item; or you can set up a personal shop and get suggestions on how to wear the trends for your shape. Fun fact: first-time orders get a $25 discount. You can really buy everything from travelwear, to denim, purses, to belts and jewelry, lingerie and much more!

To get started, you need to figure out your body type; if you need help, go here. Whether your shape is an "M," "S," "H," "A," or something else, get ready to spend some moolah on clothing that actually fits!