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Fab Tip: Boots Minus Blisters

Bottega Veneta at ShopStyle

There are certain boots you can't wear with socks. You know, the ones that make your socks slip off with every step. I recently experienced this with a new pair of taupe suede boots that are the same length as these Bottega Veneta Cutout Suede Ankle Boots ($1,090). They're gorgeous, I love them, but I hate that I can't wear them with socks. Sporty ankle socks, Peds, even dress socks slide right off when I walk. I like to wear socks with boots because they prevent blisters on my toes and heels. Do you feel me? If so, there's a simple solution.

To hear how to prevent blisters with boots,

To prevent blisters when wearing boots without socks, invest in some Toe Tape ($4). Instead of using it on your skin, cover the area inside the boot that has been causing blisters with it. Use as much as you need, the more padding, the better. That way, when your feet rubs up against the blister-causing area, it will now rub against the soft toe tape and not harsh the material. I already tested this out with my taupe boots and it worked wonders.

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