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Fab Tip: Keep Your Jewels Travel-Friendly

Amrita Singh at ShopStyle

It's so nice to escape the mundaneness of life by taking a vacation. But, sometimes, that's no easy feat. Besides having to book plane tickets, hotels, and figure out activities, we women have to figure out how to take our clothes and accessories there in one piece. Honestly, my main fear after traveling is finding my jewels — like these Amrita Singh Coral Chandelier Earrings ($92) — all tangled up. Gasp! Sound familiar? If so, it's time to prevent it from happening again. P.S. I always recommend you carry your jewelry in your carry-on; I've had jewelry I checked stolen out of my suitcase before, true story.

To learn how to make your jewels travel-friendly,

What better way to compartmentalize your jewelry than with the king of compartmentalization, a 7-day pill box? But not just any old pill box. Check out this lively Med Sun 7 Day Pill Box Organizer ($4). It's inexpensive, bold, and will ensure that all your small to medium-sized jewels stay in their place. Plus, you can decide which pieces you'll wear on which day and put them in their slots accordingly. If you're scared of scratches, I recommend putting each piece in a small pouch then putting it in the slot.

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