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It's so nice to escape the mundaneness of life by taking a Amrita Singh Coral Chandelier Earrings ($92) — all tangled up. Gasp! Sound familiar? If so, it's time to prevent it from happening again. P.S. I always recommend you carry your jewelry in your carry-on; I've had jewelry I checked stolen out of my suitcase before, true story.

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What better way to compartmentalize your jewelry than with the king of compartmentalization, a 7-day pill box? But not just any old pill box. Check out this lively Med Sun 7 Day Pill Box Organizer ($4). It's inexpensive, bold, and will ensure that all your small to medium-sized jewels stay in their place. Plus, you can decide which pieces you'll wear on which day and put them in their slots accordingly. If you're scared of scratches, I recommend putting each piece in a small pouch then putting it in the slot.