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Fab Tip: Lengthen Your (Turtle)Neck

Michael Stars at ShopStyle

Raise your hand if you want to elongate your neck. Turtlenecks, like this Michael Stars Stripe Turtleneck ($48), are the way to make a short neck appear longer. But feel me on this: many turtlenecks are designed such that when you fold the neck out, it doesn't cover your entire neck — see left. Or, if you leave it unfolded, it sags and looks funny. If, like me, you've experienced that problem, I have a solution.

To see what trick I use to lengthen my neck,


I was recently playing around with my turtleneck tops, trying to find a way to elongate my neck as much as possible. Instead of folding the neck part out, like it's normally done, I pulled it up my neck and folded it in. This simple solution allows me to cover my entire neck with the turtleneck, thus making it appear longer. At the same time, it makes the turtleneck more polished because it eliminates the line you get when you fold the turtleneck out. See examples below.

(L: Tucked out, R: Tucked in)

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