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Fab Tip: Play Shoulder Peek-a-Boo

The peek-a-boo effect always gets me. It's the ideal way to look sexy while retaining mystique. My favorite area to show off? My shoulders. But I've found that many cutout tops are too '80s for my taste. Hence, I came up with a way to get the peek-a-boo effect minus the cheese. The process involves using two items — one sleeveless tank, like this LOVE YAYA Glitz Top ($73, originally $145, left) and one off-shoulder top, like this Arden B. Basic Off Shoulder Top ($28, right). Confused? Read on.

To learn my peek-a-boo shoulder trick,


To start . . .

  • Grab a sleeveless top. It can be high neck or low neck; both work. Note that mine, below, is a high neck.
  • Now take an off-shoulder long-sleeve top, preferably in a different fabric from your sleeveless top. This will make for maximum impact.
  • First wear your off-shoulder top.
  • Now throw on your sleeveless top over the off-shoulder top.
  • Flatten any bulges to make sure you look neat.
  • For a greater cutout, pull your off-shoulder top as far down as you wish. If you want a small peek-a-boo effect, pull the off-shoulder top slightly higher.

Small peek-a-boo effect:

Large peek-a-boo effect:

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