One thing's for sure about FabSugar in 2007: Catherine Malandrino was a fan favorite. From celebs, to you guys, to us guys, I think we can all agree that Malandrino is a fabulous fashion house and the woman is an icon. One fine day, Madame Catherine and I had a chat over eclairs in a chic cafe in Paris. She enlightened me on how to dress for the holidays and I for one am taking her advice to heart. Ok I fib! CM and I didn't chat over eclairs — Fab can dream right? — but she did provide us with some holiday dressing insight. Kiss kiss!

How can you dress for a holiday party without looking like every other festive girl in the room?

Never wear black, be daring and wear a BOLD color. Always wear heels.

What are holiday dressing “do's” and “don’ts?”

Holiday Do’s: be sensual, wear textures from feathers to paillettes, and mix it with light fabrics such as tulle, chiffon and organza. Always prefer a dress. Holiday Don’ts: no sneakers, no black, and no jeans, never go casual!

How can you modernize your favorite old party dress?

You can modernize your favorite old party dress with bold graphic colorful accessories, an oversized necklace or cover your arm with big bangles. Wear colorful high heel sandals.

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What are some fresh holidays colors you can work with? Not your typical, red and green...

Fresh holiday colors are yellow, turquoise, and orange. Think holidays in the Tropics, bare feet on the beach under the sun.

What’s a good dress up alternative for girls who don’t like to wear dresses or get all fancied up?

A good dress alternative is mini shorts or Bermuda shorts.

What are you doing and wearing on New Years?!

I will be in Paris celebrating in an old Parisian Palace with friends, music and champagne.

What are some cold weather style tips?

Wear a fur hat and fur accessories to add a touch of glamour to your winter season.