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FabSugar Gossip Girl Fashion Quiz

Gossip Girl Fashion Quiz: "The Last Days of Disco Stick"

OK, can it get more scandalous on Gossip Girl? Between Jenny's almost druggie experience and Serena's congressional makeout session, I almost forgot this was a teen show. Oh, the drama. Did you take fashion notes? You know I did . . .

Photos courtesy of the CW

Gossip Girl Fashion Quiz: "The Last Days of Disco Stick"

Jenny wears a leather jacket by which designer?

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BellaTorro BellaTorro 7 years
This is going on in society and there bring it up on tv whats really teenage or college life I understand upset about it but it is in its 3rd season and its a far cry what else is going on in the world
Zivanod Zivanod 7 years
5/7 ... better than I expected. This show does treat these teens as if they were adults already with the jobs/bars/parties. But really, if a teen is at home watching this, then chances are they're not out doing the things this show depicts.
raccoon_hime raccoon_hime 7 years
It's always very weird to see how you American people overreact to drugs and sex when it comes to teenagers. As far as I know, the main characters are already in Uni and thus at least 17 years old. When I was 17, most of my friends had already had sex, and I'm not even really a party girl. "real" drugs are less common, but a lot of my friends have had experiences with marihuana. I seriously doubt that there are as many people who do not have sex at 17 as there are that do have sex. Sex is completely normal, and when you get to that point that you feel "urges" (:-D), I don't see the problem if you use protection. Having sex isn't really that big a deal, and everyone should decide for themselves what makes them feel good.
jlynn818 jlynn818 7 years
why does jenny always look so vapid in the pictures of her online? she's never looking directly at anyone or anything. I don't watch the show, I just find it weird.
lizlee89 lizlee89 7 years
ok, Anonymous #2 - are you kidding? do you really think showing kids characters who act irresponsibly about sex, drugs, alcohol, and everyday life is "educational?" I hate to tell you; as someone who works with teens and was a teen only a few years ago; I know for a fact that a) not that many teens are participating in this kind of behavior as the liberal media tries to pretend - there are just as many teens staying abstinent (of both sex and substances) as there are who are not. as well, those who are are not happy but are so accustomed to seeing that behavior on tv and in movies that it is difficult to even know how to get out of it. b) you really think a teenager who sees partying, drinking, doing drugs, and having casual sex with strangers glamourized consistently understands the consequences of those actions? not to offend anyone, but teens do not have a big picture mentality - they see something and they replicate it; those teens who are not behaving like neanderthals don't do so because they are either too timid or they actually come from a family with good, strong morals and principles...
gamestomper-6 gamestomper-6 7 years
:shrug: oh well 3/7 - i just needed to make up some points, i don't watch the show, nor do i know anything about fashion.
Chica8a Chica8a 7 years
6 / 7
runningesq runningesq 7 years
I really wish Dan would wear undershirts.
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