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FabSugar Interview With Designer Roland Mouret

FabSugar Exclusive! All Roland Mouret Wants For Christmas Is Understated Evening Wear

What was most interesting about interviewing Roland Mouret was how in tune with the zeitgeist he his. For instance, we talked about Twitter — are you following me, BTW? — and he realizes the importance of it, is even fascinated by it. But will he be tweeting anytime soon? No. But someone at his empire will. He is also super savvy about his costumer. He recently announced launching menswear and has had fun trying on the demos himself. Clearly, he's on top of his game. No wonder his dresses look so damn good . . .

You mentioned you’re against cocktail dresses?

I’m against the way we live now — just one dress for one thing. I wanted to try to bring the outfit to another level. I was offered for Christmas two years ago, an amazing phone, really expensive phone. But it was just one function, just a phone. And it was impossible for me to let go of my phone — you know my music. And I realized we are living in a technology world, where clothes must have the same relevance as technology. You must be able to transform your clothes to have a different life. But you have to be really eccentric to wear it in the daytime with a pair of Doc Martins. I like evening wear, but I like to do really understated evening wear. Not this in-your-face evening wear. Even as evening wear, you want to be able to wear it again in three or four years and have people think it’s a new dress. You know it — you know it better than me. Would you buy something dated?

To hear about his menswear news,


Has your menswear foray been a long time development?

I’m launching menswear, it will develop in the new year. What I’m more interested in developing now is being close to my customer. As a designer, it pays off to be close to your customer. You get that relationship, and what they show you about themselves is important in your business and in your creativity, because they are the final point of your work. It’s quite interesting to see what works and what’s doesn't. This season I’ve done 10 days, five cities – great cities — New York, Dallas, Miami, San Francisco, and LA. To see the difference of customer and discovering new themes in sizing, there’s a new kind of person now — big busted, but small hips — and it’s become an interesting challenge to make clothes for that kind of woman. Creativity is the reaction to what’s happening around us.

lizlee89 lizlee89 7 years
I for one am constantly changing up the way I wear my clothing - I'll wear a dress with a wrap and heels to a wedding and then flats and a cardigan to work! I love knowing that other people share my attitude that clothing should work for you - and I don't just mean by being flattering. I'm all for splurging on that good-for-only-one-event every once in a while; but, for me, clothing needs to be just as pragmatic and efficient as cool and fun...
ticamorena ticamorena 7 years
I am so fed up with the current culture of conspicuous consumption: whether of expensive or cheap goods; it has totally missplaced the value of style and creativity but I also think Mouret's response reflects a French persuasion regarding clothing and fashion. So maybe others have and won't be sympathetic to it - the great thing about clothes is that you can pick an aesthetic and philosophy that fits your character.
nikkeeb nikkeeb 7 years
i'm very impressed with his answer to the cocktail dress question! its hard to explain to people that fashion isn't solely about consumerism or aesthetics...and that intelligent people can be passionate about it. perfectly demonstrated by his answer in my opinion!
Ivanka Trump Wearing Red Roland Mouret Dress
Blake Lively Wearing Purple Roland Mouret Dress
Melania Trump Pink Roland Mouret Dress
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