It's bikini season and you know what that means . . . it's time to decide on your Summer '09 swimwear look. I've been really into prints lately — loud, bright, saucy prints. What's your style du jour? If you need any enlightening or encouraging, we've got swim pro designer Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss to deliver some Fab swimsuit tips. Also, if you're in NYC, head over to 231 W. 39th Street, Suite 422, to find 75 percent off Shoshanna Collection and Swimwear. Sale ends Thursday at 5:30 p.m. Now, let's dive into Shoshanna's swim tips!

How many swimsuits do you own?

I own way too many swimsuits to count!!! All Shoshanna, of course!!!

What are the key swim trends to look for this Summer?

Look for bright pop colors like neon pink, orange, and green. Tribal prints are popular as well as ditsy floral prints, big bohemian florals, and graphic black and white.

How do you prevent swimsuit wedgies?

Prevent wedgies by wearing the right size. Not too big and not too small. Should be snug, but not tight.

What advice do you have for a girl who isn’t comfortable with her beach body?

A bathing suit is a bathing suit, it’s never going to cover that much! You can do lots of things to cover up area’s you are insecure about. Throw on an Elizabeth and James button down, Anlo jean shorts, or a Mexican embroidered dress. If you are insecure about your bottom, thrown on a cute skirt. If you want to cover up your arms, a 3/4 sleeve tunic will do just the trick. Also, accessorize your outfit with some beachy jewelry, like gold necklaces or bangles to look super chic.

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How do you find a swimsuit that flatters your shape?

Big Busted: Look for halters which offer the most support. Also look for boning and underwire which will act like a bra and securely hold you in place. Curvy: Look for one pieces with ruching to slim your middle. When shopping for bikini's stick to bottoms with tie strings so they are easily adjustable. Flat Chested: Strings are most flattering. If you want to enhance your chest, look for ruffles or ruching which will create the illusion of a bigger chest.

Do you think it’s worth buying an expensive bathing suit (yours) versus a cheap one (H&M)? Does it make a difference?

There are two factors to think about: quality and fit/sizing issues. H&M is very generic and sold as sets. Our collection offers 13 different sizes and are sold as separates so we give customers more options. Shoshanna bathing suits are also constructed with the highest quality materials. We use a special boning and underwire that provides amazing support.

What are some general tips for purchasing swimwear?

Cotton bathing suits are more for show. They will take a long time to dry compared to a polyester/Spandex blend. Accept that sizes will vary, even from the same label.