Um, isn't Shoshanna hot? And buff? Just had to point that out before we continue swimming with Shoshanna. I don't know about you, but I'll take swimwear advice from a successful designer, mom, and hottie. Here, Shoshanna answers our questions about how revealing a swimsuit should be, what it was like collaborating with Charlotte Ronson on their swim collection, and the best beach coverups.

How revealing should a swimsuit actually be?

Bust coverage test: Three-fourths of the bust should be covered, leaving only a swath of cleavage. The thicker the strap that attaches the bust to the rest of the suit, the more likely it'll stay in place as the day goes on. If you opt for a bandeau top, which is often strapless, nothing should be squeezing out the top or the bottom. Boy shorts offer great coverage on the bottom if you're active, but they're far from being a universally flattering style.

What was your favorite part of collaborating with Charlotte Ronson on Made With Love?

Getting to spend some time together was the best part. We have always played nicely together and get along great. It was very satisfying for both of us to see everything come together and to love everything!

What was the biggest challenge?

Finding time — we are both so busy!

Will this be an ongoing collection?

I know it will be, we have already finished the second collection.

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What’s your favorite swimsuit cut?

I love our string bikini!

Are you a prints or solids girl?

I'm a print girl. I love all our prints! Once in a while I'll throw on a black bikini, nothing sexier!

How do you cover up on the beach or at the pool?

I'll usually wear a Mexican embroidered tunic, with a cute pair of Anlo denim cutoffs.

And which is preferred — beach or pool?

I'm totally a beach girl! I love the ocean, and beach combing, and of course making sandcastles with my little girl.

What are the best colors for every skin tone?

Navy and black are universally good for every skin tone. Both colors are flattering and look good against the lightest skin tones and the darkest.

How do you take your beach look from day to night?

Find a versatile cover-up that can take your bikini beach look to a casual dinner. A crochet cover with three-quarter sleeves is great because you can throw it over a bikini with cute shorts or jeans and be ready for a night out.

What is the best way to care for swimwear?

Don't put bathing suits in the washing machine, this will weaken the elastic. Instead, wash in cold water with a delicate cleanser such as Woolite.