Some of you may have noticed the user called Fabarazzi lurking around TeamSugar. We decided to hit the streets and capture random acts of fashion. This will in no way affect the already fun and fab Look Book, this is just another way to see who, what, and where different and unique styles are. You'll never see them coming and Fabarazzi is everywhere so "say fashion!"

Doesn't this PYT look Just Dreamy? I am an official collector of everything heather grey so I adore her slightly buttoned grey sweater, and her navy striped dress whispers casual chic. As for that Louis Vuitton, well it's a Bag to Have! She polishes the look off with some summery sandals with sweet bows. Just dreamy.

If you are a budding Fabarazzi photog feel free to upload your own shots to my Street Style group. Word on the street starts here!