I wasn't a Senior bitch in high school. I was so over high school by the time the fourth year rolled around. I was attending college parties and eagerly awaiting college. I wasn't a bitch, I was aloof.

But, after seeing Dazed and Confused I so wanted to be a Senior bitch. Parker Posey, who played Darla, was my favorite. If you haven't seen the movie add it to your Netflix now, but the scene pictured is when the Senior bitches haze the incoming Freshman girls. These four foxes spray and squirt the girls with raw eggs, flour, peanut butter and ketchup — yum! They do have the courtesy of driving them through a car wash to rinse them off.

This costume is easy and breezy; but learn this line, as Halloween is the only time you can say it without repercussions: "Wipe that face off your head bitch!" Go Darla!