In order to alleviate any wardrobe concerns that may come up for breast cancer survivors, Hilary Boyajian has introduced a line of clothing tailored specifically for ladies who deal with breast asymmetry. The name of the brand, Chikara, is quite fitting because it means "strength" in Japanese. Dresses and tops with ruffles, flounces, and gathers, all available in both left and right versions, give the power of fashion back to fabulous and deserving women.

The current collection, which wholesales from $85 to $150, is available at HUMC's Ellen H. Lazar Shoppe on Fifth Avenue in NYC, as well as on the Chikara website. There are plans to roll out to other stores in the near future. A percentage of the sales will benefit the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Help spread the good word, my Fab friends!