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Fancy Neiman Marcus Dish Gloves: Love It or Hate It?

Whoever came up with idea of fancying up dish gloves was reaching a little far. Some of us enjoy the zen of doing the dishes - it's not that bad of a chore. I guess some people need to glamorize the job and would enjoying wearing these Fancy Neiman Marcus Dish Gloves, $30. I can see a Stepford Wife liking these, especially because of the little rhinestone flair on the left glove...what about you, love them or hate them?

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flojo flojo 10 years
i think you'll ruin them if you do dishes in them
melissabritt melissabritt 10 years
MBM Cute if you had a dinner party or something...whenever we have people over someone inevitably offers to help wash/dry dishes. I think these would add a little fun to the chore.
Daylyn Daylyn 10 years
i agree, too much for dishes.
JK-Boogie JK-Boogie 10 years
Love it but they are too fancy to do the washing up in...maybe for light dusting but definitely not washing
makicabrera10 makicabrera10 10 years
A little TOO much for my taste.
LizaToad LizaToad 10 years
i think these are great!
mommie mommie 10 years
If you have to do dishes why not look great and have a giggle while looking at your hands.
jennifer76 jennifer76 10 years
Hmm...I LOVE the idea, but not so much these designs specifically. And I'd love them as a gift, but would never buy them.
SaRaH-22 SaRaH-22 10 years
I LOVE them...sooo cute, now if they could come up with something that would make me GOOD at cleaning and cooking then I would really be set!
sugar_gal sugar_gal 10 years
a little extravagent,don`t you think? a little toom froofroo to do dishes in, in my opinion. they are cute though, and only $30.00.....
rubialala rubialala 10 years
I love these!!! They are so cute, and not as expensive as I thought they would be.
BeachBarbie BeachBarbie 10 years
Jamie, hey girlie. :) I always wear Playtex gloves to clean...I wouldn't mind the ring but, I can't deal with the cuff part. I'm still part of the domestically challenged goddess group,, matter how hard I try.
justjaime27 justjaime27 10 years
Correction: lol I am not part of the "domestic lovely" I'm part of the "domestically disabled" Also, oops, I spelled lovelies wrong on the first post. Whoopsie-daisies! :)
justjaime27 justjaime27 10 years
lol Love 'em...why shouldn't us domestic lovlies look stylish while doing the dishes?! lol Hilarious.
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