J Crew, despite poor timing, has opened its first Collection store where discreet signage, world class merchandising, and a mix of "uptown and downtown looks" give the consumer a taste of luxury from a name they can trust. Aside from some of the classic J. Crew pieces, the new store is selling garments priced upwards of one thousand dollars. 

Obesity and Speed's capsule collection for Urban Outfitters has just hit select locations, and there are pictures to prove it. This is one of the more "cutting edge" partnerships by the retailer and kind of makes us want to start shopping there again--except somehow we always end up looking like a seventh grader, and we're not sure a t-shirt with skeleton hands is going to change that. 

Vogue's December issue will feature a "500 and under" shopping guide for consumers on a "budget" during the holidays. We just hope they don't organize it in that patronizing way where pages touch on options at different price points. There's nothing more depressing than arriving at the "50 dollars and under" part of the spread and seeing that you can buy your friends and family either a cheese knife, a glass christmas tree ornament, or salt and pepper shakers.