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Fashion in 50 Seconds 9/25 with St. John, H&M, and Prada

Fashion in 50 Seconds 9/25 with St. John, H&M, and Prada

Two very interesting pieces of news from conservative St John's today that piqued our interest and have us wondering if in fact maybe they aren't so stodgy in their outlook after all. We associate St. John's with our stepmother complete with chunky heels and big pearls so the fact that they are launching a new better contemporary line for resort called SoCa that is aimed at a younger customer (mind you their version of younger is targeting 35 to 55 year olds) and will operate separately from the brand’s signature label.

Even more interesting? St. John is launching a full-fledged social network integrated with an online designer brand store. CEO Glenn McMahon is either a complete genius for this or a total moron. We don't know a lot of 45 year olds that are big on the social networks but we love the idea of letting customers get closer to a genuine luxury brand. Take note Mr. Arnault.

This Scottish lass calls fashion a blight, really she just stops short of calling it Coutorture.

Skateboard culture is still with us and they are hard on the shoes. But they would rather keep buying new ones then have a pair that can't be destroyed. What no Kevlar guys?

Prada swears its not talking to Dubai investors. Right, and that postponed IPO means nothing either.

Though there is still M&A activity in the luxury sector, if you happen to have a yacht or watch company you want to unload. But the real opportunity is building up luxury empires in markets with an emerging ruling class. Let's hear it for capitalism guys, well except for when the risks of capitalism turn us socialism. That's just lame. Can't have it both ways guys. Or can you? Don't worry, the best part about buying luxury is that it lasts. So when that portfolio tanks at least you know your Jil Sander wasn't a depreciating asset. But hey if all else fails H&M is FINALLY bringing cheap fast fashion to the Champs Elysée. Did we mention the end is near? Parce que tu fait comme tu voulez aux Champs Elysees


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