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Fashion in 60 Seconds News 2008-04-16 06:58:11

Fashion In 50 Seconds 04/16

LVMH and Burberry both announce double-digit increases in the first quarter. That is, 14 and 19 percent respectively. As for LVMH, the company sites the Richard Prince/Louis Vuitton collaboration, among other things, to have been particularly successful. Too bad LVMH can't celebrate this growth in the face of a recession; their wine and spirits sector fell seven percent this quarter.

If it ever came down to it, Oscar de la Renta would be left to design every last wedding dress on this planet (would that lower divorce rates?). His Spring 09 fashion show, featuring wedding dresses he imagined for different destinations, to no surprise, wowed buyers. Bridal Fashion Week runs in April and October but Oscar de la Renta shows but once a year.

Santo Versace, head of the Versace design house with Donatella Versace, decided to run for Italy's parliament and, it has just been announced, has won. Er, been elected. When Versace was running for a seat in parliament, he was quoted as saying, “My father always predicted I would go into politics but when I had the chance to break into fashion with Gianni \ I gave up the idea”.

Buyers at the Los Angeles trade show, California Market Center, reported that teens are greatly influenced by celebrity endorsements (intentional or not). If so-and-so's wearing skull scarves or leopard print mini-skirts, apparently, so is your twelve-year-old. This is not news so much as a reaffirmation that we should all move to Paris as soon as possible.

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