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Fashion in 60 Seconds News 2008-04-21 07:46:37

Fashion In 50 Seconds 04/21

It is reported that Balenciaga will launch its own ecommerce site this May. So far, though, it's just accessories. Balenciaga seems to be expanding in spite of the recession as a new Los Angeles store opened this past March. Racked Los Angeles reported on the store opening by saying "The only Balenciaga boutique in the U.S., besides NYC, officially opened today...". To which we say, hehe.

Philadelphia University's Institute for Textile and Apparel Product Safety (ITAPS) was established last Fall, given the demand for environmentally friendly clothing and the school's reputation as a leader in textiles research. This past week, a study at Harvard revealed a "link between formaldehyde exposure and a greater risk of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis - ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease" which prompted a response from David Brookstein, the dean at Philadelphia University. This new study is relevant to the fashion industry as formaldehyde is a chemical often found in clothing and, for reasons other than this, has long been an example of why 'green' textiles need be a priority.

Georgio Armani is on the search for America's Next Top, wait, oh...Georgio Armani is apparently running an international contest to see who might direct the next television ad for his Emporio Armani fragrance line. Despite it seeming tacky to follow in the footsteps of reality television, we're pretty sure the results will bring about a fresh perspective. We just wish they'd kept the contest a little a quiet, now it will surely feel like those Coca Cola movie shorts you have to sit through before a film.

Take that American Apparel, it looks like Hanes is making a comeback. The company's first quarter sales revealed a 200% profit as a result of some 'business strategies' that seem to have little to do with selling tighty whities. Regardless, it looks like this American company is not going down without a fight, though sales dropped, their overall profit soared. Remember, these are the people who engineered the 1990's classic, the Wonderbra. We're pretty sure they're in it for the long haul.

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