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Holy moly, it's gorgeous outside. If you're stuck in the office or just generally dependent on your computer, scan through our mixed bag of zero-attention span goings on to pass the time. Also, we accidently just thought it was Friday. Funny when that happens, eh?

Okie doke. If you're a Brit or a fashion editor you definitely already know this but Topshop has a list and it 'aint a little list. It's called the Top 250 or some such thing and it's basically a list of people who get seriously discounted to free clothing from the store. In London said list acts as the fashion hierarchy. It's like being knighted but, you know, for girls. So Topshop, which lands stateside on October 10th, will naturally have a New York list. Page Six scooped this story from the celeb vantage point of this soon-to-be New York phenomenon. We'd give you the link but it ran in the magazine, which, if you remember, are books but with pictures in them. Go to Barnes and Noble to find out who's in.

This weekend Manhattan's going retro. The Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show is running on Friday and Saturday and it's partially responsible for those runway looks that seem so, ahem, familiar. Big designers, big companies, little designers, little companies, also regular old people, come to this event to spark their creativity and, to put it bluntly, pick up piece to rip.

Revlon scored Gucci Westman. She's going to be the new global artistic director which is great because apparently they could use a little help. This is kind of like when Pat McGrath went and did work for Maxfactor and Covergirl and suddenly everyone was wearing liquid eyeliner again.

Psst...Someone on the inside told us that Odin might be opening a girl's store. Also, these pants are out of stock for a reason. Finally, this video will make your day.

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