Check out Shahrzaad's retail rant about expensive designer jeans in our Fashion Stylist group. I feel you, girl.

Just last week we read that the price of designer denim was dropping. Granted, many big name jeans still sell for $200, and some people rationalize that price for a basic wardrobe staple they wear several times a week. I myself have fallen victim to fashion stupidity and shelled out over $200 on Sass & Bide jeans. They're gray stretch denim, and are my favorite pair I've ever owned. Maybe after wearing them for four years non-stop, I might get my money's worth. Though I'm not the type of person who has 40 pairs of jeans, I have about six and wear them to death, so I don't mind spending a little more. That said, the most recent pair I bought cost $70. It is a recession after all! So imagine how annoyed I was to see this new pair of jeans by Acne, adorned with some type of modern body armor, selling for $2,000. Those ridiculous things had better protect you — they cost more than several months rent!

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While I recognize that sometimes designers will make a product as some sort of statement to get attention, these jeans are not only hideous, they're also irresponsible in today's economic times. With $2,000, you could buy a new wardrobe for your whole family. Sometimes it's hard to draw the line on how much is too much to pay for something, especially with everyone having different spending habits and financial situations. What do you think of these Acne jeans and what is the most you have ever spent on a pair?

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