Retail stores are seeing a slight rise in profits, namely 0.8 percent in May, compared to the month prior. Call us small minded but we suspect it's the weather. It's hard to shop for Summer when it first ships at the end of Fall, but when temperatures reach the nineties, we know many a fashionista are running for the nearest Neimans. A few slip dresses and pair of shorts just doesn't cut it when the heat finally hits. WWD writes on short haircuts for Summer. Downtown in New York we've been noticed the trend ourselves. Last summer many young trendy things chopped off their locks and, it seems, the trend has come back even stronger. We think it's something to do with the YSL Fall 08 show. The bowl haircut, as much as it's not mainstream, is being sported by quite a few trendsetters. London prepares for the Glastonbury Festival by outfitting its attendees in rain boots for a good cause. Hunter has teamed up with international charity, WaterAid, to create a limited edition rain boot with 50 of the 75 pounds it costs to buy the boots, going to charity. In addition to this, Glastonbury's performers will be signing pairs of boots and auctioning them off post-festival to contribute to the WaterAid effort. Earnest Sewn in the Mepa will host a curious new installation this July. Derrick R. Cruz, of Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons, will curate an exhibition on the disappearance of honeybee colonies, called "A New Hive". Artists works will help to raise awareness about the importance of honeybees, as Cruz himself says, "...after all, almost everything we eat is made possible by bees.”