Looking back on couture week, we saw sleeves with quite a bit of volume. We know the strong shoulder is back, we know blazers are back, we know wide leg trousers are back, and so it only makes sense that, when it comes to dress up, sleeves keep their aggressive stance on Fall 08. Another trustworthy fashion publication also mused on the shape of things above the collar bone. This time, the neckline. Referenced as evidence are the Fall 08 collections from Brian Reyes, John Galliano, and Jil Sander, among others. Something's going to have to balance out those generous trousers. Especially as we're all used to wearing leggings and skin-tight skinnies. Our favorite New York website quipped on the circulation figures for Vogue's most recent, and highly controversial, issues. The Le Bron James/Gisele cover sold a mere 100,000 copies where the average was, uh, 350,000. Click on the peripheral tags for all kinds of Vogue gossip. Just, you know, saying. Topshop's debut in New York is still being discussed and someone thinks they may have a date for the grand opening. Come October 16th (or 17th, or 18th), just in time for the 'you know, I actually hate my entire wardrobe' seasonal switch, Topshop will generously open its doors to impulsive New York women. It's far too hot to speculate the results of this major shift in New York fashion but we'll stick with what we've said from the start: it's going to be epic.