C'N'C Costume National Solar Powered BagSolar powered handbags? That is a totally killer idea! C'N'C Costume National designer Ennio Capasa has designed a Solar bag with fine strips of mini solar panels that decorate the front of the bag provide power to a supply concealed in the lining. We are thinking this could be super useful for powering that Macbook Air during fashion week.

If the bloggers with laptops photos cliché wasn't yet dead Vogue Australia is intent on bringing it back. Apparently editor Damien Woolnough is quite fond of his Mac Book Air. We don't notice him twittering though so we are still siding with Patty Huntington on the tech savvy editor front.

Sigerson Morrison Malibu Store ImageNolita-chic shoe line Sigerson Morrison is opening up shop in Malibu at the Malibu Country Mart. We so want to make sure sort of joke but none of them sounded funny but we think you will get where we are coming from. The store will carry the full Sigerson Morrison line as well as lower-priced Belle and their handbag line.

Its a tough time to be in designer retailing. And not just because the dollar is so weak. Supply chain issues thanks to expansion in the far East may be causing several large design houses to miss delivery dates. Rumored late are Chanel, Zegna, Nina Ricci, Roberto Cavalli and Prada.

American Eagle is so not frat boy chic anymore. In fact they seem to be taking some very scary style cues from on neighbors in Williamsburg. Or at least the ones not so up on the trends. Not that we have anything bad to say about scarves in the summer or blue pastel framed glasses. Just saying the merchandising is dated.

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