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Fashion People Like to Sound British

News Flash: Fashion People "Live to Sound British"

Call it the Downton Abbey effect. Or maybe it's because of the recent London Olympics. Whatever the reason, Americans are reportedly co-opting traditional British terms at an ever-increasing rate. And the biggest participants in linguistic Anglomania of all? Fashion people.

"Fashion people live to sound British, the same way they over-pronounce French and Italian words because of those country’s fashion week's," Scene magazine editor Peter Davis explained in a recent New York Times article. "I have heard people who grew up far from London uttering that a runway collection was 'brilliant' or just 'bril.' Fashion editors worry they will get 'sacked' if their next issue or story is 'rubbish' and not 'clever' enough."

Not that this is really new, but crikey. Don't tell Glenn Beck.

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