Has the sour economy got you wanting to pull out your hair? Fab to the rescue. I've put together some savvy-shopping tips to help you stay optimistic and smart about your shopping choices. SavvySugar has thoughts, too! Let's delve right in.

Tip #1: If you don't do so already, allot a certain amount of money you can spend on shopping every month. This amount, which I will help you calculate below, will vary from person to person. Just try not to go over your limit — it will be hard to break the habit once you do. Trust me.

  • Add up your monthly necessities costs (rent, groceries, utilities, gas, public transportation, etc).
  • Decide on an amount that will go into your savings each month. If you don't save (you should really try), skip this step.

To get more tips,

  • Subtract your necessities total and savings amount from your monthly salary. What's left over is roughly how much you can spend on shopping per month. Don't forget that eating out, buying coffee, or any other miscellaneous spending should deduct from this amount. Or, if you purchase something regularly, include it in your necessities costs.
  • Keep your shopping allowance total handy. Each time you buy an item, subtract the amount from your allowance. This will help you know how much more you can spend that month. If, say, your current amount is $200, and the blouse you want is $210, you'll know not to buy it until your amount gets refreshed. This will teach you self-restraint, patience, and discipline.

Tip #2: Reacquaint yourself with your wardrobe. I'm not suggesting talking to your closet, just get in there to know its contents better. Before you know it, you'll find pieces you completely forgot you owned. How neglectful of you! This is wonderful news though, now you can scratch off those hidden items on your "to-buy" list.

Stay tuned for more smart shopping tips!