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Fashion Recession: Fab's Guide to Savvy Shopping, Part III

Fashion Recession: Fab's Guide to Savvy Shopping, Part III

By now, you've already given yourself a monthly shopping allowance and reintroduced yourself to your closet. Let's move forth.

Tip #6: There is no better time to hit the sale racks than now. My Online Sale Alerts can help, as can, a.k.a. the Google for fashion sales. Be careful not to buy more just because the items you're finding are so cheap. There's no use in discount shopping if you're going to spend frivolously.

To hear more,


Other bargain online retailers to check out are eBay (and our eBay Find of the Week), Etsy, and pretty much every online retailer's sale section. Don't overlook your local thrift shops; they're bound to have great deals.

Tip #7: Many of you already do this, but if you don't, start selling your unwanted goods on eBay and at your local consignment store. It may seem like a hassle — and at times it is — but it will feel great when the dough starts raking in. Designer brands tend to attract more customers, so dust off that Louis Vuitton you haven't carried in years and sell it to someone who will give it more love. Here are some tips for listing your items on eBay:

  • Sell items that are on trend, that people are currently lusting over. This will increase your selling chances.
  • Put yourself in the customer's shoes; what search words would you input in order to find your desired item? Use those words in the description headline.
  • To determine your starting amount, research eBay to find out what your competition has done. If possible, sell your item for a little less.
  • Though posting one picture is free, I say spend a few more dollars and take several photos of your item. It helps customers see every angle of your piece.
  • If you don't mind showing your face on the Internet, I recommend taking a picture of you in the item. It's more desirable than if it's sitting on your bed.


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123Laura 123Laura 8 years
Hey FabSuger, Your post is as sweet as you. Great Post. In this hard times you tips will help everyone. I agree is best place to buy things for cheap, but there is a good chance fraud on ebay. Before buying I usually double check the price on comparison shopping portals. Google and Yahoo are also good place to search when you want to price compare. I recently bought this for $53, local store is selling this for $119.00. If you want to find good deals, start your shopping with searching what you want online.
Glittersniffer Glittersniffer 8 years
What about reinventing your old clothes? Basic sewing skills can be really useful for clothes you like/love but that need some work. I took a pair of obscenely wide-legged trousers down into a gently flared stovepipe with just a few straight pins and some sewing machine time. If nothing else, learn how to set a button, mend a button hole, and how to add/remove trim. Bonuses apply for shortening and lengthening a hem. My local fabric shop offers classes free if you buy a machine, or for cheap if you already have your own. I'm going in on Saturday to learn how to alter stretch fabrics and how to properly tailor a jacket.
emalove emalove 8 years
I reacquainted myself with my closet/wardrobe this weekend and found some great stuff that I'd forgotten all about! I have so many clothes, it's borderline ridiculous!
356UIK 356UIK 8 years
I also like and And yeah, you can make a lot of $$$ selling the right stuff on ebay if you dont have a need for it anymore. Particularly jewelry that you have and dont wear. SELL IT!
Beauty Beauty 8 years
Great tips, Fab! I'm all about using eBay to make a little extra cash while cleaning out the ol' closet.
Marni7 Marni7 8 years
love these tips! I love finding vintage stuff at thrift stores and/or ebay..I also sold some of my True Religions on ebay and made some money that way.
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