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Fashion Resolutions For Introverts

12 Style Resolutions to Make If You're an Introvert

You don't like flashy outfits, you prefer neutrals to bright colors, and you would rather stay home on a Friday night than consider putting on five-inch heels for a party. Sound like you? You may be a style introvert, and that's completely cool. You're not exactly an attention-seeker, but by no means is your style boring. In fact, you've probably been paying close attention to "what's in" all along.

You just need a little push to step outside of your fashion comfort zone, which is why it's time to make some style resolutions. To help, we came up with 12 goals that speak to every introvert out there, because we know change can be scary. But hopefully with some street style inspo and tips handy, you'll feel better prepared to conquer 2017 in your own style.

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1. Try at Least One Trend You Love

Take the plunge and try out that trend you spotted on the runway or on someone's 'gram. Don't feel pressured to invest in every must-have item of the season, instead go with a popular top or maybe a shoe that aligns with your personal taste. The main goal is to attempt to step outside of your comfort zone with a trendy piece but still look like you.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Kathryna Hancock

2. Don't Stop Investing In the Basics

Alright, introverts, you're all about the basics (white tees, button-downs, and sneakers), and lucky for you these pieces won't ever fade out of style. Do continue to focus on quality over quantity when shopping for these essentials.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Kathryna Hancock
Product Credit: THE ROW jacket, NOMIA top, Tibi pant, Eddie Borgo choker, A Peace Treaty earrings, Aquazzura shoes / France & Søn Moduline sofa, Blu Dot Toro sling lounge chair and Punk lamp, ABC Carpet & Home Masana wool rug

3. Not Ready For 5-Inch Stiletto Heels Yet? Try a Block Heel

Heels can be intimidating, not to mention uncomfortable, which is why we prefer the block heel. The height is most practical for your day-to-day activities, and they come in a variety of subtle colors to match your outfits.

4. Go Shopping With a Friend Whose Style You Admire

Ask the most stylish friend you have on a shopping trip. Not only will she be well-versed on the trends, but she'll also be more likely to give you an honest opinion when you try on something. Sometimes a friend's gentle nudge is just the push you need to step up your style game.

5. Rework Lazy-Girl Favorites Like Oversize Hoodies or Leggings

If oversize clothing is your version of comfort and ease, that's completely OK. Thanks to brands like Vetements, hoodies are cool again, giving you the chance to update your lazy-girl staples. The next time you feel like wearing a pullover with sweats, pause. Look in the mirror and think how else you can style it — perhaps tucked into a skirt?

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Kathryna Hancock
Product Credit: Off-White ℅ Virgil Abloh sweatshirt and jeans, Sacai jacket

6. Invest In Accessories to Upgrade Your Outfit

As an introvert, you prefer more subtle ways to show off your style, which means accessories will be your secret weapons. Whether you're wearing multiple rings or carrying the new It bag, you don't have to dress flashy for people to turn their gaze to your outfit. They will look because your accessory caught their eye.

Image Source: Angela Datre

7. Look to Your Favorite Influencers For Free Style Lessons

Unsure of how to wear the off-the-shoulder trend or how to strategically drape a jacket over your shoulders? Bloggers are here to help, and with every outfit 'gram they take, it's basically a free style lesson for you. Identify your favorite ladies whose outfits speak to you, then attempt to make the looks your own.

8. Ease to Animal Prints With Accessories

You need a bit of confidence to pull off animal print, so start slowly with a shoe or even a belt. The trick is to keep the print from overpowering you until you feel 100 percent ready to take it on. When you're ready, buy the furriest animal-printed coat you can find and rock it with pride.

9. When You're Having a Good Outfit Day, Take a Photo

For a little confidence booster, take a photo of your outfit when you're really loving it. Whether or not you decide to share it on social media, just looking at that moment will make you feel good. Though, we would advise you to post on your 'gram because a few "likes" from your followers wouldn't hurt.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Rima Brindamour
Product Credit: Max Mara Sweater and Skirt

10. Check Out Retailers You Often Don't Buy From

Instead of always buying the same items from the same few fast-fashion retailers, consider looking into smaller brands, boutiques, and online shops. You'll be surprised by one-of-a-kind finds, and it's the surest guarantee that you won't end up with the exact piece as someone else.

Image Source: ShopStyle Photography

11. If You Love Black, Try Something Navy Colored

Black is your safety color, we know, but navy can be too. If you're not completely comfortable with trying a bold color like red or Greenery (Pantone's color of 2017), navy will be a comfortable jumping-off point for your outfits. And if you wish, you can still wear the hue with black — a win-win situation.

12. Don't Push Yourself Too Hard! Fashion Should Be Fun

For all the introverts out there looking to step out of their style comfort zones in 2017, just remember one thing: have fun! You know where to find inspo, what the trends are, and hopefully where to shop. You've got this.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Kathryna Hancock

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