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Fashion For The Seastead of Chanel Cruise 2008 Would Be Cooler On The Ocean

Neurotically Nautical

A SeasteadA SeasteadAs summer approaches the fashionable mind often strays style cliché of nautical dressing. And even though one might be tempted to ignore it as a tedious summer staple, it is possible to find in it fresh and exciting possibilities. Members of our community like Temptalia and ShinyGloss are eagerly awaiting MAC Cosmetics Naughty Nauticals collection. But we found ourselves distracted by a far stranger possible trend. Blame it on our obsession with Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash and its floating trash heap city, but we are obsessed with the idea of Seasteading. Economics blog Marginal Revolution got us all excited about the idea of escaping nation states by living on the high seas. We think this will appeal tax shelter millionaires which means that "cruise" season could take on a whole new meaning for fashion. We imagine girls in Chloe Nautical sweater dresses and golden sandals forever adrift sartorially. We bet Karl Lagerfeld would be the first designer to show a cruise collection on a seastead. He may be showing Chanel's Cruise 2008 collection in Miami in a few weeks but we think it would be so much cooler on a floating city of billionaires. OK so technically a seastead is more like an oil rig made out as a house but we still think its devastatingly romantic and just a bit neurotic in the most fashionable way.
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