Hussein Chalayan has been given real estate in Dover Street Market; a big accomplishment for the designer whose career has been snowballing towards the canon. His clothing (some exclusives) will be located on the third floor, next to the likes of Lanvin, Givenchy, and Nina Ricci. The company has recently been aquired by PPR and has ambitious global expansion plans in the pipeline. Burberry model Ben Grimes and her friend, Lily Cole are launching their clothing line, LPBG, this September during London Fashion Week. Apparently they've ruled out the possibility of 'long dresses' and sited their inspiration as coming from 1970's editions of Vogue. Hmmm, sounds kind of like the clothing we dreamt up with our BFF...back in middle school. Ad pages are declining for magazines, from 6.4 percent in the first quarter to 8.2 in the second. This decline is reflected in the upcoming September issues which 'make or break' magazines for the year. Every year the books get bigger but this year might be the first in which they do not. At least in terms of ads. Today WWD reported the figures complete with a chart comparing the pages in September issues with their relative ads.