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Fashionologie Interview With Street Peeper's Phil Oh

Quick Hits With . . . Street Peeper's Phil Oh

>> Street Peeper's Phil Oh took a quick time-out to chat with us about the perfect snap, Fashion Week essentials, and more. Listen up to what he has to say:

    What kind of street style inspires you?

    I'm always a sucker for prints and colors but it's hard to do in the Winter because it's freezing.

    Tell us about one of the wildest looks you've seen at NYFW.

    Susie Bubble, my BFF, was wearing this electric blue turban and a pair of vintage Ralph Lauren sequin floral pants. It has white sequins with red, blue, and orange flowers on it. It was pretty ridiculous; we walked into an Indian restaurant for dinner and then everyone turned their heads and stared at her. I thought it was amazing — one of my favorite Susie Bubble looks.

    What are your Fashion Week essentials?

    Uniqlo HeatTech long johns and t-shirts. They cost about $15 and keep me warm all through Winter.

    What are your Fashion Week indulgences?

    Marea on Central Park South has a $40 prix fixe lunch. It's my Fashion Week splurge: I go there and get a delicious uni and crab spaghetti between shows, then come back to take more photos.

    How do you stay sane during this time?

    I don't go out anymore because I have to wake up early and I'm the kind of person that requires eight hours of sleep. I know it's not fun and I'm a party pooper. Other than that, I try to stay hydrated with coconut water and use Kiehl's lip balm.

    Any post-Fashion Week plans?

    After March 10, I plan on sleeping for a week and playing video games. I'm going to get a Wii and play Super Mario Galaxy.

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