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A Few Fab Words With Emmanuelle Chriqui

We came to love Emmanuelle Chriqui as Sloan on Entourage. She provides some comic relief in the newly released You Don't Mess with the Zohan. Soon, we'll see her on the silver screen with Beyonce in Cadillac Records. And, Sugar had a chat with her this week! What's she like? Sweet, friendly, very at ease — and totally adorable. To hear more about this budding actress read Pop's exclusive interview. But stay here for her fashion dish.

We have featured the Moroccan beauty's style before so I was excited to ask her about her approach to working the red carpet, her favorite designers, what her last big splurge was and who her fashion icons are. Without further ado, a few Fab words!

We featured an outfit you wore last week to promote Zohan — the black one-shoulder dress.

Oh, you liked it?

Yes we did! Who was the dress by?


Everyone loved it. So I have to ask you, you look so confident on the red carpet, what is your secret?

Really? That’s so nice! What is my secret? Getting ready for the red carpet is all smoke and mirrors. You’ve got your stylist, your hair person, your makeup person, and a team of people that are going to make you look the best that they know how to make you. I think when you feel good it makes you more confident, but I used to really dread the whole press part of this business because I think it is really intense and sometimes it's just really scary.

To read the rest, learn who her secret favorite shoe designer is, and to see more pictures of the fabulous Emmanuelle,

People are so judgmental and often times publications will be like “What’s your secret to staying fit?” and you just kind of want to get it out there that you don’t obsess about these things. I think it is important for young people to not obsess about these things and realize that I have help; it's not like you wake up fabulous, come on, that just doesn’t happen. But I think for me, as far as your red carpet day (because it really tugs on your energy) I’m always just super zen when I am getting ready. Candles are lit, music is on, I create a really peaceful atmosphere and sort of prep myself to go out into the craziness. I don’t like to be rushed, I am very clear about what I want the look to be, and it's just really being focused. I think it's just also part of who I am as an actress, I like to be prepared, if I am going to go out and present myself, I just want to be prepared. So if that comes off as confidence, that is a wonderful thing, but for me if I don’t get prepared I am a wreck.

What was your last big shopping splurge?

I think it was shoes. One of my closest friends is the designer Lotta Stensson on Melrose and I’ll just go into her shop and have fun. I bought an amazing bikini, a couple dresses and jewelry and just fun stuff.

Cool, and what were the shoes?

Did you see pictures from the Iron Man premiere? In the white dress I had these amazing silver shoes. I swear, I made the best discovery on the entire planet, it's this shoe store called Xtc on Melrose. I like super high heels because I’m short, number one, and my least favorite part of me are my legs so the higher the heels the nicer your legs look. They make these super high heels and have built them with padding in the front. They are so comfortable I cannot explain, whenever I need a shoe now I just go there. Unless someone lends me some, like for the New York premiere I wore Jimmy Choos, which were fabulous, but if I am going to buy a pair of shoes I’m going to go for fabulous comfort. They are amazing, you really have to check it out.

We are going to give away your secret now!

Good! It’s a great little shoe store and I have been super lucky every time I go.

I was wondering, whose style do you admire?

Kate Hudson has amazing style. When she goes on the red carpet she always wears something unique and colorful and kind of bohemian in a way. I feel like she always does something different, which I really really like. But you know I’m not a very conservative person, sometimes there is that look to look really covered up and it doesn’t really suit me. If it is for a character that is one thing, but if I am going to go on the red carpet that is not my cup of tea, so I really love how she looks. You know who else has amazing style? Joy Bryant, I mean she is gorgeous and her body is retarded, she’s like tall and long, it always looks effortless and I love that.

What do you like or don’t like about Sloan's style on Entourage? Is it similar to your style at all?

It definitely can be, it is similar to my style if I am going to get really ready, yes, but she is really ready all the time. You never see Sloan just hanging out in jeans and a T-shirt, it just doesn’t seem to be her thing, whereas I am a jeans, boots, T-shirt girl. When I get dressed up yeah, I think we have similar style.

How has your personal style evolved?

I think it has evolved because it is the nature of the business. I am not a designer whore, I don’t care who I am wearing, if it fits well then I am happy. My personal style has evolved because I am much more familiar with designers now, and I can actually say oh I really like this brand because I know how they make it and I know how it fits me. It's just kind of opened up a lot more, but it is still kind of the same, I really don’t care who I am wearing as long as it looks exactly how I want it to look.

Who are your go-to designers right now?

Yigal Azrouel — I love the material, love it.

He just showed his Resort collection and it is gorgeous.

I don’t doubt it! I went and got a bunch of stuff when I was in New York that I swear I lived in. I just love the material, it is so yummy. It’s funny because I am still learning a lot. I am working with this stylist right now that I worked with for the LA and New York premieres, and she is amazing. She completely gets me. Her name is Brit Bardo, and she actually styled Kate Hudson which was so random, and she came to us. I looked at her website and was like “get out!” I can’t believe this is the stylist! I was always looking at these people and pointing that out and that’s the stylist! So she just really gets me. Through her I am being introduced to so many new designers, like I never knew who Amanda Wakeley was, but that dress from the LA premiere was sick! I loved it. I am also a huge Ingwa:Melero fan. I still wear them all the time. It’s one of those things where I know that it fits my body, it's easy and not a hassle. And the bigger designer stuff, but again it just depends on the event, but I really like Badgley Mischka? I'd love a gown of theirs.











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